Kleeger Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat Center. Fun Activity For Children And Infants

Product Description
With the Kleeger Baby Mat, you can bring the Aquarium to them! While Nurturing, Stimulating, and Challenging their mind and body. Simply inflate the border, than fill the mat with tap water from your sink and than seal it with the plug. There are fish and some stars that float around in the mat for your baby to push and try to grab. The Kleeger Baby Water Mat is great for Tummy Time (As it is colorful and attractive and will keep them busy) & has many benefits for the development of your child Including: Sensory Stimulation, Motor Skills, Cognitive Abilities, And social skills.

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  • The Perfect tummy time activity. "Tummy time helps your infant build strength in his back, legs, arms and neck," Preparing Him/Her To Be Ready To Explore The World On their Own
  • Enables Learning About Cause And Effect, As The Baby Presses And Moves The Fish Around From Place To Place
  • Lots Of Visual Colors & Movement Which Creates Fun And Excitement
  • Great For Sensory Stimulation, Motor Skills, Cognitive Abilities, And social skills
  • For Ages 3 Months & Up. Products Dimensions: 18" Tall X 23.5" Wide X 3" High
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