Kleeger Automatic Dog Ball Fetcher Talking Trainer Toy | Dog Ball Launcher / Thrower For Indoor Or Outdoor Use| Interactive Ball Fetching Machine with 3 Small Balls

Product Description

Do you have a dynamic canine friend who always needs to play? Or perhaps, you’re just searching for a fun alternative option to playing fetch and advancing an active way of life for your pets.

Our Dog Ball Launcher does the job and it’s fun! .


With this fetching machine, you can train your pup to bring back the balls to the funnel of the thrower and enjoy hours of excitement, without any participation from you at all. It shoots the ball anywhere to 12 feet, which is great for a small apartment. You can buy it as a way for your dog to have fun while you’re not at home.


An item that is lightweight and minimal is probably the thing you are searching for, particularly in case you're a dog owner who travels extensively. Unlike its bulky, metal competitors, this ball launcher for dogs is made of durable plastic, which means you can take it with you everywhere. Moreover, because it is made of inexpensive materials, it is reasonably priced and it fits well within your budget.


This ball thrower offers two different power options: an AC power adapter (not included) and the 4 “C” batteries (not included), which means our product can be used both inside and outside.


The most exciting characteristic of our ball launcher is that it really speaks! This dog fetch machine says "get the ball " when the ball shoots out and says "good dog" when your puppy puts the ball back into the funnel. In this way, you can still keep your dog active when you’re busy or when your shoulder just can’t deal with another launch.

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  • ELEGANT, EASY TO CARRY AND INEXPENSIVE: This dog ball launcher was designed with small dogs in mind and It makes transportation a breeze because it’s lightweight and minimal. It’s also a standout among its competitors because it’s reasonably priced. It’s bi-coloured, successfully combining the white with the red colour. Your furry friend will LOVE this toy!
  • A BALL THROWER THAT SPEAKS! This dog fetch machine says "get the ball " when the ball shoots out and says "good dog" when your puppy puts the ball back into the funnel. That kind of talking is great because the dogs can learn when the fetch machine is going to release a ball. This ball launcher can be a great stimulation to your small dog, and he’ll be glad to play the game of fetch for hours.
  • SUITABLE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Most people use our ball thrower inside and they power it with a wall plug. The ball goes far enough (max. distance of 12 Feet) for your dog to run and get it, but not too far or high that it will knock over things in the house. However, if you want to use our ball launcher outside, our fetching machine can work on a battery mode as well.
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND! Like any discerning dog owner, you probably spend most of your time wondering what your dog needs. With cool looks and great efficiency, our fetch machine will provide a fun experience for you and your pet. It’s also a great way to entertain your dog while you’re busy. Fetch can go on as long as your pup wants; she just has to drop the ball in the funnel and watch it launch out the other end.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Being so sure about the high quality and top performance of this amazing dog ball launcher, Kleeger offers you a 1- year warranty. Could this be fairer? With nothing to worry about, order for you or your friends today.
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