Kleeger Freestanding Folding Indoor Safety Wooden Pet Gate For Home Or Office [ Die-Cut Giraffe Pattern Design ]. No Tools Required, Easy To Set Up

Product Description

Keep Your Pets Safe By Limiting Their Access To Certain Areas Of The House Thanks To The Ultimate Kleeger Freestanding Pet Gate

If you are a pet owner you know that providing your little friend with nothing less than the best is of paramount importance!

Naïve puppies and playful adult dogs can cause too much trouble or put themselves in danger by chewing things or exploring basements, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

If you have been looking for an easy, effective way to limit your furry friends and prevent unpleasant situations, you have come to the right place!

Kleeger presents you with the best freestanding dog door gate which is exactly what you need!

Durable Wood Construction, Striking Giraffe Pattern And Ergonomic, Folding Design

This amazing, folding dog door gate is made of durable wood construction and has a giraffe pattern design, which will add a luxury touch to your living or working space.

The attention grabbing designs which are combined with the classic wood frame make this dog door gate the perfect addition to your house!

What is more, this must have pet safety gate is freestanding and it requires no assembly or use of special tools in order to use it!

All you have to do is unfold it and place it anywhere you like!

Last but not least, when you do not need it, simply fold it and effortlessly store it in a corner, behind your couch or any place you consider fit.

Use It In Countless Ways

The lightweight, easily portable, folding and expandable design of this pet safety gate allows you to use it in wide hallways, double doors, average doorways, in between couches and more!

Serve your needs and enjoy countless possibilities!

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  • Great For Blocking Hallways, Stairways, Doors, And Entry Ways, Great For Your Home Or Office.
  • The Free Standing Design Was Designed In A Way That Requires No Tools For Setup
  • Portable And Light Weight, Made With Real Wood & A Beautiful Stained Finish And A Die-Cut Giraffe Pattern Design To Match Your Home Decor
  • The Product Dimensions Are 19" Tall x 47" Wide While completely extended. Not Meant For Very Big Dogs
  • Folds To 19" Tall x 15 3/4" Wide For Easier Storage While Not In Use
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