Kleeger Giant Inflatable Bowling Set 5 Huge Life Size Large Jumbo 24 Inch Pins And Extra Big 18 Inch Ball Great On Lawn And Yard Indoor Outdoor Game For Kids And Adults With Bonus Pump

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Turn Your Parties And Family Gatherings From Dull To Unforgettable

Do you feel that there’s nothing more boring than a family party?

Trying to make your kid’s birthday party simply awesome?

Here’s How To Create Oversized Fun For Oversized Groups

No, you don’t need an oversized budget!

All you need is our amazing giant inflatable bowling set.

With these unbelievably huge 28" pins and 25" ball, both young and old players become professionals!

Oversized Fun Anywhere…And Always!

At Kleeger, quality is never an accident!

When it comes to our inflatable game, we make a point of using nothing but the thickest, strongest, waterproof and most durable materials.

You can play with this bowling set at the beach, in your garden, in your living room and rest assured that it’ll remain perfectly functional, after a LONG TIME of intensive use.

Thanks to its weighted base it will stay upright both indoors and outdoors, WHEREVER you place it!

And How Cool is That?

• You get a FREE air pump to make the easy inflation of our game EVEN EASIER!
• It’s the perfect gift idea for kids who get easily bored and have everything.
• Made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials, it’s 100% safe for your family.

First Of All We Want To Put A Smile On Your Face

Try Kleeger inflatable bowling set if you’re not flabbergasted at how cool and awesome this game is, send it back and you’ll be issued a full refund for your purchase, no questions asked.

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  • THE PERFECT STRIKE FOR YOUR NEXT GATHERING: Imagine a huge bowling set standing in the middle of your garden! No you’re not dreaming! Thanks to their
    weighted (filled with sand) bottom you can place these huge pins almost anywhere
    and create fun for the whole family! They can make the coolest addition to your next
    birthday party, bachelorette, school celebration, camping trip or other indoor and
    outdoor event!
  • AWESOME GIFT IDEA FOR YOUR LITTLE ONES: If you bowl, you definitely want to pass on your passion to your children. With these jumbo 28" pins and 25" ball, you can’t miss a strike! This out-of-this-world family game will fascinate young and old alike! When everything’s that big, everyone is a pro! Get your children active and strengthen your family bonds-starting today!
  • EXCITING & EASY INFLATION: There’s nothing tedious or difficult about this
    oversized bowling set! You will inflate and set it up without hassle and within
    minutes! You and your children will enjoy every single part of the process. And the
    best part? Our huge inflatable game comes with a foot air pump, which you get at the
    most affordable price: ZERO!
  • DESIGNED TO GIVE YOU ENDLESS HOURS OF FUN: Stop wasting your hard-earned money on games that become useless after the very first weeks of play. With this awesome, heavy-duty inflatable game, not only will your kids NEVER get bored, but they will also fail to damage it even if they try! Made of the highest quality PVC
    plastic, waterproof material, it is ideal for outdoor use and will survive even the most
    vigorous pushaway!
  • EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: At Kleeger, we’re so confident that you’ll love our amazing giant inflatable game that we back it with our 1 year warranty! Order it today and if you and your children are not thrilled with it, we’ll buy it back from you at full price. When there’s nothing to risk, why not give it a try?
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