Kleeger 20-Pack Assorted Cat Toys Collection Play Set – Mice, Feathers, Crinkle Balls, Catnip Toy

Kleeger 20-Pack Assorted Cat Toys Collection Play Set – Mice, Feathers, Crinkle Balls, Catnip Toy
Product Description

Get Your Hands On This Exquisite Collection Of Various Cat Toys Brought To You By Kleeger!

If you need a superior quality set of toys to sparkle your cat’s interest…

If you don’t wanna get them a new toy every now and then…

Or if you’re looking for a fantastic gift idea for your cat-loving best friend or significant other…

Then this amazing 20-piece cat toy collection is just the thing you’re looking for; both you and your cats, or kittens are certainly gonna love it!

Don’t Let Your Buddy Get Bored!

Sometimes, our little furry friends seem to get bored really easily; well that will change quickly ;)

It's important to keep our cats moving, and get them their proper exercise, so they can maintain their predator instincts and keep their hunter skills sharpened – otherwise, they can gain extra weight and become sad and depressed!

Thankfully you can now get twenty different toys in an exquisite, affordable bundle; as soon as your buddy gets bored with one of their toys, you can present them with a new one!

Some of the toys feature catnip as well – your furry friend will get hooked playing with them!

With Kleeger’s One Year Warranty!

We want you and your little prince or princess to be happy and satisfied, which is why we offer you a one-year warranty for our fun play set – you don’t have to worry about a thing!

So, What Is There To Think About?

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  • THE ULTIMATE PLAY SET FOR CAT PARENTS! Twenty different toys, some of them featuring catnip, and vivid colors; your cat will love playing with each and every one of them, whether you are around to join them or not!
  • SPOIL YOUR LITTLE FELLOW WITH A NEW TOY EVERY DAY! It’s a common secret that our buddies can get bored quite easily; however, thanks to this fantastic collection, you can choose a new toy that will keep them happy every day!
  • FULLY COMPLETE PACKAGE WITH ALL SORTS OF TOYS! Let your cat play and have endless hours of fun! The set contains a variety of 20 cat toys, different sized and colored mice, a playful teaser wand, several crinkle balls, two hard yarn balls, and much, much more!
  • KEEP YOUR FURRY FRIEND HAPPY & HEALTHY! Waking your cat’s predatory instincts and keeping her energetic and in a good mood is vital for your kitty friend’s health and well-being; so get your toy collection today!
  • EXQUISITE GIFT FOR CAT LOVERS! A simple, affordable, and thoughtful gift idea that any true cat lover or parent will adore since it will sharpen their cat’s hunting skills and offer them the chance to have many hours of bonding and fun!
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