Kleeger Cat Window Perch seat: Sunny Kitty Window Sill Shelf, With Fleece Foam Cushion & Washable Cover - Easy Setup

Kleeger Cat Window Perch seat: Sunny Kitty Window Sill Shelf, With Fleece Foam Cushion & Washable Cover - Easy Setup
Product Description

Kleeger has created the comfiest Cat Window Perch for your lovely pet

Treat your cat like the real King or Queen that it really is by giving it its own throne.

And what a better place than it's favorite spot, the sunlit window sill?

Give it the comfiest Cat Window Seat and let it rule the world.

It is so strong and sturdy that it will not break down, even if your cats are big, fat and extra adorable.

You Can Build It Alone, Very Easily

The Cat Window Bed is so easy to build that once you do it you will ask yourself: “When did I become a professional builder?”

The instructions of the Cat Window Seat are so easy to follow and understand that it will be as if building a kid’s toy.

So don’t think about that part, just think of how much your cat pets will love it!

Smelly Cat, oh, Smelly Cat, Why Does Your Bed Smell Bad?

Cats are some of the cleanest pets an animal lover could have. However, they are still animals and their space can get smelly.

Another great thing about the Cat Window Bed is that once its cushion starts smelling bad, you can easily remove it and wash it.

A clean cat means a happy cat and an even happier owner.

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  • A LAZY CAT’S PARADISE: Your cat loves sitting or curling up near the window, especially when the sun is out. Apparently, this is a hobby every cat enjoys doing. Make your kitty’s hobby more enjoyable with the Cat Window Perch. Watch it sunbathe and endlessly observe the neighborhood while sitting on the comfiest seat ever.
  • SO EASY TO BUILD: There are two easy things you can do with the Cat Window Bed. One is to make the decision to buy it, and two, is to build it. This Kitten Hammock will be very easy and fast to build, especially thanks to the instructions that come with it. They are understandable and won’t trouble you at all.
  • THE COMFIEST CUSHION IN THE WORLD: Apart from the fact that the Cat Perch is positioned in front of the window and all the sunlight falls on it, it is also extremely comfortable. Its cushion is so soft, you will even want one for yourself. Another great thing about it is that its fleece cover is removable and washable. No more smelly cats!
  • IT CAN SUPPORT ALL SIZES OF CATS: Your cat will love curling up on their new Window Seat. But they are big and you worry that the Perch will buckle. No need to worry, Measuring at 23.75" Long X 12" Deep X 2.75" High, these cat beds are so strong and sturdy, since they are built to last. So let them climb up there.
  • A YEAR LONG TEST DRIVE: Forget the 30-day money back deal that most products offer you. We offer you a one year long guarantee, because we are more than sure that both you and your cat will adore the Cat Window Perch. We are also more than sure that nothing will happen to it, because we have built it to last.
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