Kleeger Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game | Engaging, Interactive & Educational Game For Kids, Boys & Girls | 10 Wooden Fish & 2 Magnetic Rods

Kleeger Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game | Engaging, Interactive & Educational Game For Kids, Boys & Girls | 10 Wooden Fish & 2 Magnetic Rods
Product Description

Get Ready To Make A Lasting Impression On Your Son Or Daughter!

Forget about those uninspired, boring toys and games that don’t seem to grab your kid’s attention for more than a few minutes.

In fact, forget about toys & games that don’t last more than a few weeks!

This time, make the right choice and invest in something that builds confidence while it entertains.

Introducing Kleeger’s Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game – A Creative Way To Learn!

This fun game features 10 wooden numbered fish that have built-in metal tabs on the top so that they are attracted to the strong magnet on the end of the 2 fishing poles.

Each pole features bobbers, a working reel and a magnetic hook to help the user catch the fish!

All you have to do is spin the worm on the game spinner to find out the number and color of the fish you need to catch. A great idea to teach your child to count and recognize colors by raising the fun factor at the same time!

Multiple Playing Ideas!

As long as your imagination is vivid, you will never run out of scenarios and ways to play this game! That’s why it’s perfect for two players or for independent play!

Help develop your kid’s hand-eye coordination, develop the motor skills and keep them entertained for hours knowing that our games and toys are all made of premium materials that are absolutely safe for children.

Safety is a must. If there’s a federal regulation, our toys meet or exceed it. No exceptions.

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  • THE ULTIMATE WOODEN FISHING GAME! – With 10 wooden fish and 2 magnetic rods, this catch & count fishing game will be the ultimate gift you’ve ever given your children. Each fish is made out of wood and has a metal tab on top, so that the “fisherman” can engage it with the magnetic rod and pull it to the surface!
  • INDIVIDUAL FUN OR 2-PLAYER COOPERATION! – Since there are 10 different colored and numbered fish, this fishing game allows up to 2 players to embark on their fishing adventures! It can even become a small competition between your kids or an excellent game for birthday parties and anniversaries!
  • EDUCATIONAL & FUN AT THE SAME TIME! – Forget about those boring games that may look fun at first but they actually get old really fast and do nothing to improve your child’s capabilities and abilities. This fishing game will have your kid catch and count the right fish based on number and color which is great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving and interpersonal skills!
  • WORKING WIND-UP ROD & REEL! – Fishing for kids doesn’t get any more realistic than that, except for going to the actual sea or river! Catch the right fish and reel it in for maximum amount of fun and multiple hours of not getting in the way of the parents’ work or chores. Plus, this is an excellent gift idea for your friends’ kid if his or her birthday or name day is coming up!
  • A MESMERIZING GAME FOR YOUR CHILDREN, 100% GUARANTEED! – Here at Kleeger, we make a point of designing and providing the best possible children’s toys in terms of quality, learning potential and fun factor! In fact, these are the toys that we as toddlers grew up with! That’s why we want you to get in touch with us if you are not 100% satisfied with your wooden fishing game and we’ll offer you a 1-year warranty!
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